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Stream B

Friday 11 June 2021


Session B7

21st Century Obstetric Anaesthesia

Using big data to improve care

Using technology to promote education


Chair: Dr Kerry Litchfield

Prof Brian Bateman

Dr Rowan Duys


Session B8

Defining a role for short acting local anaesthetics in obstetrics

The potential role of short-acting local anaesthetic agents in obstetric anaesthesia – which agents, what situation.

Chair: Dr Robin Russell

Dr Robbie Erskine

& Dr Fatima Eltinay


Session B9

Effects of anaesthesia and analgesia on the baby

Fetal surgery - what the anaesthetist needs to know

Effects of anaesthesia on the baby


Chair: Dr Kerry Litchfield

Prof Asma Khalil

Prof Yehuda Ginosar


Session B10

Detecting critical illness in obstetric patients

The 4P study
- a game changer for early warning scores in obstetrics?

Early warning scores and beyond

Chair: Dr Sarah Armstrong

Dr Peter Watkinson

Dr Melissa Bauer


Session B11

Promoting excellence in obstetric anaesthesia

SOAP accreditation

ACSA accreditation

Measuring what matters
- why accreditation doesn’t go far enough


Chair: Dr James Bamber

Prof Brendan Carvalho

Dr Carolyn Johnston

Dr Matt Wikner